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Recipes Ukrainian cuisine

Cottage Cheese Cookies for Children

Ukrainian Cuisine, Easy Recipes

This recipe, as the majority on this site, is simple. The minimum of time spent and the maximum of pleasure to derive from  :). Seizing the moment and interesting idea I decided to engage my children in cooking – got wants and needs met, so to say. I eventually recall my childhood when we (I and my sisters) used to help my mom in cooking – it was some bakery, dumplings or pot stickers in most cases.

I and my kids had a lot of fun while preparing these cookies. I prepared the dough in advance and when the right time came and everyone was ready we started cutting them off with colorful cutters.

We killed two birds with one stone. My children were engaged, they were interested, and development of a number of practical skills was an additional benefit for them. But I, as a mom was the person who felt the educational moment first-hand. This exercise trains such important skills for a mom as patience and tolerance towards mistakes of others )))). Cooking in line with gathering dough from the floor and taking photos is a hard nut to crack. Here come the recipe and photos of the cookies preparation process.

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Recipes Salads and appetizers Ukrainian cuisine


The benefit of vinegret as a salad lies in the fact is not only healthy, replete with vitamins and diverse nutrients, but fully vegetable, and it may be prepared and eaten even on strict fasting days.In addition, it is relevant for both casual and festive menu.

In general, there are many variations of the salad but this variant is classical, the most popular and the tastiest. By the way, sometimes I prepare vinegret without cabbage and beans – it tastes good as well. Some people add pickled mushrooms but to tell straight, I have never tried such an option.

I enjoy and like this salad, and recommend to eat it especially in winter. Savor and here is the recipe.


400 g of beetroot
400 g of carrot
400 g of potato
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Main course Recipes

Pilaf with Chicken Fillet

Плов з курячим філе. Другі страви

Let people say that genuine pilaf is prepared of lamb in a pot, we will listen to them and do what we like. This home option for pilaf with chicken is not only tasty but takes relatively little time to be ready.

Instead of the ready-made spices for pilaf you can make it on your own. It is good when the spices contain jeera – a spice visually resembling caraway, as well as red and black pepper, paprika, turmeric, coriander, etc.


500 g rice
400-500 g chicken fillet
100 g onion
200 g carrot
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Main course Recipes Salads and appetizers Ukrainian cuisine

Monastery Salad

Салат з морквою

The priest said that the same salad is served at their monastery for more than ten years. And it is true if you eat some dish for ten years you fail to sense its splendid taste.

And all kidding aside, this is a really tasty and useful salad. If to prepare the salad for children, you have to make it mild and with sour cream, and if you target at grown-ups, add garlic and mayonnaise. This is a great salad, for my liking, though it seems to be nothing special. It is recommended for carrot-lovers :).


300-400 g carrot
3-4 eggs
3-4 cloves of garlic
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Recipes Salads and appetizers Ukrainian cuisine

Mushrooms’ Meadow Salad

Салат на Новий рік

This salad looks very impressive on the festive table. When it comes to ingredients, everyone can run riot and move so far forth as they enjoy the combination of these or other foods. This salad may be done at New Year’s Eve and it will grace the supper. When there are a lot of guests, it would be better to prepare double portion.


tin of pickled champignons
bunching onion, dill, parsley
250 g of meat
200 g of boiled carrot (Korean Carrot Salad may be added as well)
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Recipes Soup Ukrainian cuisine

Tomato soup

Tomato Soup Cooking - Ukrainian Pomidorova Zupa

Tomato soup (or as called in Western Ukraine: Pomidorova zupa) is a soup cooked with tomatoes and some other vegetables. It is delicious and quite interesting, and we usually serve it with sour cream. There are several options how to cook this soup. In Western Ukraine it is often cooked with rice, but today we are going to eat this soup with minute pasta. This is the variant of the soup that I like.

1 chicken leg or breast (for broth)
1 kg tomatoes
1 carrot
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