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Main course Recipes Ukrainian cuisine

Potato Zrazy Roasted in Oven

Зрази з курячим філе, грибами, з картоплі

Potato zrazy… I enjoy making something special of ordinary and available food, for it to be delicious and fine-featured. Zrazy may be prepared for both everyday and festive table, since guests are sure to like them!

I made zrazy with chicken fillet and added mushrooms to some of them. They may be made with mushrooms and onion only or with adding cheese. The case is, there may be lots of stuffing up to everybody’s taste and likes. We had zrazy with chicken fillet at the first photo. And that is how the zrazy stuffed with checken fillet and mushrooms looked cut.

There are a lot of diverse ways of making zrazy:They may be fried or roasted.I think, that the deep-fried zrazy will be unparalleled :).But I prefer roasting, since it takes the least time and it is healthier way of cooking.I love to bread food due to crisps resulting from such breading.Many people use flour for breading.

Зрази з картоплі

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Main course Recipes Ukrainian cuisine

Nalystnyky or Stuffed Pancakes. Stuffing for Blini

Mlyntsi or Blini with stuffing

I fry stuffed pancakes, the same as mlynci, following a reliable recipe of blini, which I have been using for several years. But what a variety of stuffing could be made! Sweet, salty, meaty, and veggie – everything you like and fancy.

Having stuffed pancakes you would finish them (fry or roast), especially when the stuffing includes raw eggs. If the stuffing is completely ready, there is no need in additional frying. When you roast stuffed pancakes, you would add butter.

Here I will present some tasty pancakes stuffing; these are my favourite. Find some more fantastic pancakes stuffing.

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Appetizers Main course Recipes Ukrainian cuisine

Festive Ukrainian Pasty

м'ясний паштет з печінкою

This pasty is a traditional dish of my husband’s family, being made for all big holidays, especially for Christmas and Easter. I believe, it may be definitely called a traditional festive dish of Western Ukraine.

This is a pasty-mix of liver and meat. It is delicious and good-looking at the festive table but it takes pains to make it. The whole process is labour-intensive and time-consuming, though the result is quite appealing. It is my husband who is engaged with this pasty, since he just loves the preparation for holidays, and the pasty itself, surely :).

I will try to describe the preparation process in as much detail as I can and in plain English, with all family secrets I know ;).


500 g veal
500 g fatty pork
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Main course Recipes Sides Ukrainian cuisine

Cabbage with Beans and Mushrooms

Тушкована капуста. Пісні страви

People say this recipe of cabbage with beans and mushrooms is of Polish origin. The Polanders traditionally prepare this dish for the Christmas Eve. This is a lenten, original, quite healthy and quite tasty dish. It is served both hot and cold.

The dish is traditionally prepared of sour cabbage and dry mushrooms. I had boiled mushrooms put to the freezer. If you prepare the dish with dry mushrooms, you will need to soak them in water and boil in advance.


500 g sour cabbage
300 g mushrooms (or 50 g dry ones)
1 glass of beans
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Main course Recipes Ukrainian cuisine

Varenyky with Potatoes and Cottage Cheese

Ukrainian varenyky with cottage cheese and potato - Katrusia's Kitchen Easy-Cooking Recipes

This is a classic Ukrainian varenyky (vareniki) recipe. The potatoes and cheese filling for vareniki (pierogi) is very popular in the Western Ukraine. However, it’s not so popular in the eastern part of our country.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love hot, just boiled home-made varenyky? I don’t! Some would think it’s as easy as abc. All they need is to knead dough, wrap stuffing into it, boil, and that’s it. They are almost right :).

The ‘right’ dough is one of the most important moments in cooking varenyky. No matter how tasty the stuffing is, stiff dough may spoil the taste. The major secret of tasty and soft dough, believe it or not, is less egg, because eggs as they bind the dough, both strengthen and stiffen it.

Another crucial point is to roll the dough pieces thin. And finally, water for kneading dough should be hot. Yes, in many (especially in old) recipes of Ukrainian varenyky it is recommended to add cold water, justifying it with the fact that dough gets dried slower but as a result it becomes too stiff. I put dough into a plastic bag and it doesn’t get dried too quickly. And just made varenyky should be boiled immediately.


Ingredients for Varenyky Dough
3 glasses (cups) wheat flour
0.75 glass (cup) warm water
1 egg
0.5 tsp salt
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Main course Recipes

Pilaf with Chicken Fillet

Плов з курячим філе. Другі страви

Let people say that genuine pilaf is prepared of lamb in a pot, we will listen to them and do what we like. This home option for pilaf with chicken is not only tasty but takes relatively little time to be ready.

Instead of the ready-made spices for pilaf you can make it on your own. It is good when the spices contain jeera – a spice visually resembling caraway, as well as red and black pepper, paprika, turmeric, coriander, etc.


500 g rice
400-500 g chicken fillet
100 g onion
200 g carrot
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Main course Recipes Salads and appetizers Ukrainian cuisine

Monastery Salad

Салат з морквою

The priest said that the same salad is served at their monastery for more than ten years. And it is true if you eat some dish for ten years you fail to sense its splendid taste.

And all kidding aside, this is a really tasty and useful salad. If to prepare the salad for children, you have to make it mild and with sour cream, and if you target at grown-ups, add garlic and mayonnaise. This is a great salad, for my liking, though it seems to be nothing special. It is recommended for carrot-lovers :).


300-400 g carrot
3-4 eggs
3-4 cloves of garlic
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