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Mushrooms’ Meadow Salad

Салат на Новий рік

This salad looks very impressive on the festive table. When it comes to ingredients, everyone can run riot and move so far forth as they enjoy the combination of these or other foods. This salad may be done at New Year’s Eve and it will grace the supper. When there are a lot of guests, it would be better to prepare double portion.


tin of pickled champignons
bunching onion, dill, parsley
250 g of meat
200 g of boiled carrot (Korean Carrot Salad may be added as well)
200 g of cheese
1-2 potatoes
1-2 pickled cucumbers (may be substituted with pickled mushrooms)
salt, pepper


At first, choose the right dish. It may be either a saucepan or round salad-bowl. I put metalpaper at the bottom of the salad-bowl, and oiled the sides slightly for the salad not to stick occasionally and come out easily.

SAMSUNG Champignons are tightly laid out caps down.
SAMSUNG Top the mushrooms with herbs
SAMSUNG Then put hashed potatoes, salt, and mayonnaise
IMG_0010 The next layer is made of cucumbers cut very small (or  cut pickled mushrooms), mayonnaise
IMG_0012 Meat layer, salt, and mayonnaise.
IMG_0017 Layer made of carrot, salt, and mayonnaise.
IMG_0023 After that grate cheese and leave in a fridge for a couple of hours.Before serving turn the salad upside down onto the plate and/or decorate with herbs.Bon appetit!

By the way, the more mayonnaise you put between the salad layers, the tastier the salad is.So if you don’t watch your calories, put mayonnaise in abundance :).
Salad with pickled mushrooms

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