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Varenyky with Potatoes and Cottage Cheese

Ukrainian varenyky with cottage cheese and potato - Katrusia's Kitchen Easy-Cooking Recipes

This is a classic Ukrainian varenyky (vareniki) recipe. The potatoes and cheese filling for vareniki (pierogi) is very popular in the Western Ukraine. However, it’s not so popular in the eastern part of our country.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love hot, just boiled home-made varenyky? I don’t! Some would think it’s as easy as abc. All they need is to knead dough, wrap stuffing into it, boil, and that’s it. They are almost right :).

The ‘right’ dough is one of the most important moments in cooking varenyky. No matter how tasty the stuffing is, stiff dough may spoil the taste. The major secret of tasty and soft dough, believe it or not, is less egg, because eggs as they bind the dough, both strengthen and stiffen it.

Another crucial point is to roll the dough pieces thin. And finally, water for kneading dough should be hot. Yes, in many (especially in old) recipes of Ukrainian varenyky it is recommended to add cold water, justifying it with the fact that dough gets dried slower but as a result it becomes too stiff. I put dough into a plastic bag and it doesn’t get dried too quickly. And just made varenyky should be boiled immediately.


Ingredients for Varenyky Dough
3 glasses (cups) wheat flour
0.75 glass (cup) warm water
1 egg
0.5 tsp salt
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