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Classic Ukrainian Borscht Recipe

Ukrainian borshch recipe with photos

Ukrainian borscht recipe with photos 

Borscht is a traditional beetroot soup, one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes in the world – I believe it is at the same level of popularity as Ukrainian varenyky or salo. I can say that borscht became a kind of a business card of Ukraine. I don’t know exactly how to spell it in the most appropriate way. It can be written as borsch, borshch and the most popular borscht. In Ukrainian it looks like this: “борщ”.

Actually, we have some varieties of borscht recipes: lenten borscht we cook on Christmas Eve, we may cook borscht with or without tomatoes, with beans or mushrooms, with meat bullion or without meat at all. Finally, we may slice or rub beets, but still there are some classical things that make this dish tasty, popular and interesting for all of us.

So, let’s cook borscht.

Ingredients for borscht

800 g of beet
400 g of potatoes
150 g of cabbage
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Recipes Soup Ukrainian cuisine

Lenten Borshch with Vushka for the Holy Supper

Ukrainian recipe for the Holy Supper

Lenten borshch with “vushka” is a traditional western Ukrainian dish cooked exactly for the Holy Supper.Vushka are a kind of dumplings, like ravioli or potstickers, with lenten mushrooms stuffing. Lenten transparent borshch may be sometimes dressed with garlic but do as you like.Some time ago this festive borshch was soured with beetroot sour adding peculiar slightly sour taste.It is used lemon juice or vinegar with this purpose now.

One more ingredient being added to Christmas borshch is broth of mushrooms used as stuffing for vushka. It supplements borshch with special flavour and taste.


For borshch (for 3 l water):
3-4 beetroots
a carrot
parsley root
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