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Pilaf with Chicken Fillet

Плов з курячим філе. Другі страви

Let people say that genuine pilaf is prepared of lamb in a pot, we will listen to them and do what we like. This home option for pilaf with chicken is not only tasty but takes relatively little time to be ready.

Instead of the ready-made spices for pilaf you can make it on your own. It is good when the spices contain jeera – a spice visually resembling caraway, as well as red and black pepper, paprika, turmeric, coriander, etc.


500 g rice
400-500 g chicken fillet
100 g onion
200 g carrot
4 cloves of garlic
spices for pilaf
vegetable oil

Steps to cook

IMG_3761 Dice or ring onion and fry on the frying pan on medium fire.
IMG_3762 Add cut chicken fillet and fry it slightly.
IMG_3764 Add hashed carrot into the frying pan.
IMG_3765 Roast everything on small fire for 5-10 minutes. Add salt and spices.
IMG_3771 When the fillet is roasted and carrot softens, put rice on the top .If you wish you may rinse rice and dry it in advance.Add a little more salt.
IMG_3772 Pour boiling-hot water over the ingredients.I add twice as much water than rice, and little more.
IMG_3775 Stew the pilaf on medium fire under cover till the rice is ready. Serve hot pilaf, possibly with herbs and diverse sauces. Bon appetit!

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