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The benefit of vinegret as a salad lies in the fact is not only healthy, replete with vitamins and diverse nutrients, but fully vegetable, and it may be prepared and eaten even on strict fasting days.In addition, it is relevant for both casual and festive menu.

In general, there are many variations of the salad but this variant is classical, the most popular and the tastiest. By the way, sometimes I prepare vinegret without cabbage and beans – it tastes good as well. Some people add pickled mushrooms but to tell straight, I have never tried such an option.

I enjoy and like this salad, and recommend to eat it especially in winter. Savor and here is the recipe.


400 g of beetroot
400 g of carrot
400 g of potato

200 g of sour cabbage
200 g of pickled or sour cucumbers
150 g of onion
250 g of tinned or boiled  beans
vegetable oil


Boil beetroot, carrot, and potatoes till they are done, peel off and cut them into small cubes. If you decide to prepare vinegret with beans, they should be soaked for a couple of hours and boiled afterwards. Sure, in case beans are tinned, you don’t need to boil them.

Cut cucumber and onion. Mix all ingredients including sour cabbage. Dress the salad with oil. Add salt if needed. Sometimes one adds pickle of sour cucumbers to vinegret. You may add and spices and herbs – to taste, as you like.

P.S. I will confess to you and let me be ashamed :). You may bombard me with rotten eggs but I was thinking for a long time: how to spell the salad name ))). Hence, if you come across an error in the text, do not hesitate to contact me ;).


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