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Festive Ukrainian Pasty

м'ясний паштет з печінкою

This pasty is a traditional dish of my husband’s family, being made for all big holidays, especially for Christmas and Easter. I believe, it may be definitely called a traditional festive dish of Western Ukraine.

This is a pasty-mix of liver and meat. It is delicious and good-looking at the festive table but it takes pains to make it. The whole process is labour-intensive and time-consuming, though the result is quite appealing. It is my husband who is engaged with this pasty, since he just loves the preparation for holidays, and the pasty itself, surely :).

I will try to describe the preparation process in as much detail as I can and in plain English, with all family secrets I know ;).


500 g veal
500 g fatty pork
400-500 g veal liver Read More