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Nalystnyky or Stuffed Pancakes. Stuffing for Blini

Mlyntsi or Blini with stuffing

I fry stuffed pancakes, the same as mlynci, following a reliable recipe of blini, which I have been using for several years. But what a variety of stuffing could be made! Sweet, salty, meaty, and veggie – everything you like and fancy.

Having stuffed pancakes you would finish them (fry or roast), especially when the stuffing includes raw eggs. If the stuffing is completely ready, there is no need in additional frying. When you roast stuffed pancakes, you would add butter.

Here I will present some tasty pancakes stuffing; these are my favourite. Find some more fantastic pancakes stuffing.

Рецепт налисників. Налисники рецепт.

Pancakes with apples

Apple stuffing is made as easy as ‘abc’. You need to peel the apples, shred or chop them. Mix apples with sugar. You may add cinnamon, raisins, and little honey. Stew the mix a bit with butter. I am writing and my mouth is watering, it’s really delicious. I just love pancakes with apples :).

Pancakes with meat

Actually, there are several ways to make pancakes with meaty stuffing. You may fry mince with onion and carrot (or without onion) directly in a griddle and stuff mlynci with it. You may add mushrooms to the mince.

But there is one more way I like the most: boil meat with carrot in advance, then grind everything and stuff pancakes with the mince. After that you should soak each pancake into egg, bread crumb and fry in a griddle. Such stuffed pancakes are best served with broth the meat was boiled in. It would be better to combine two kinds of meat, fatty and not (for example, chicken quarter and veal steak).

Pancakes with mushrooms

In order to make mushrooms stuffing, you need to chop mushrooms and to fry them with onion in a griddle till they are ready. You can add grated cheese in the end of frying or during the stuffing.

Pancakes with salty cottage cheese

You may stuff pancakes with cottage cheese adding salt, pepper, garlic (if you like), herbs, sour cream, and other spices. It will be a fine snack. Such pancakes may be rolled and cut diagonally — they will look nice :).

In general, there may be a number of stuffing variants: ham with cheese, raspberries with sugar and sour cream, stewed cabbage with meat or mushrooms, buckwheat groats with liver, and many more. Fancy, experiment, and enjoy your meal!

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