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Salad with Beans and Liver

Салат на Новий рік

Rather spicy, irregular, beautiful and quite tasty salad. I recommend trying this salad recipe to all liver-lovers. You may use both veal (beef) and chicken liver. Chicken liver will add softness to the salad.


200 g beans
500 g liver
150 g pickled mushrooms
150 g onion
200 g carrot
salt, pepper
soy sauce
vegetable oil


Preliminary cook liver untill it’s ready. Beef liver should be cooked for about 30 min. after boiling, and chicken liver for about 20 min.
IMG_0029 Soak beans for several hours into cold water in advance.After that cook them till they are ready on small fire under cover.
IMG_0033 Dice onion and fry a bit on oil.
IMG_0036 Add shredded carrot and fry till it softens.
IMG_0041 Cool liver and cut into sticks.
IMG_0043 Dice pickled champignons. You may, though, buy already diced ones.
IMG_0047 Mix cooked beans, liver, fried onion and carrot, and mushrooms.
IMG_0052 Dress the salad with mayonnaise and soy sauce and add salt and pepper if needed after that. Bon appetit!

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