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Cabbage with Beans and Mushrooms

Тушкована капуста. Пісні страви

People say this recipe of cabbage with beans and mushrooms is of Polish origin. The Polanders traditionally prepare this dish for the Christmas Eve. This is a lenten, original, quite healthy and quite tasty dish. It is served both hot and cold.

The dish is traditionally prepared of sour cabbage and dry mushrooms. I had boiled mushrooms put to the freezer. If you prepare the dish with dry mushrooms, you will need to soak them in water and boil in advance.


500 g sour cabbage
300 g mushrooms (or 50 g dry ones)
1 glass of beans
1 onion
vegetable oil
salt, pepper


Soak beans in cold water for several hours and then boil them on little fire till they are ready.

Boil mushrooms in advance as well. I took already boiled honey fungus from the freezer. We don’t pour out the mushrooms broth and add it to the cabbage during stewing.


Rinse sour cabbage with water, especially in case it is too sour.When the cabbage is not, you can boil it straight away.


Cook cabbage in water for 10-15 min. after boiling.Pour out the water and rinse cabbage once more, if needed.
IMG_0642Strained-off cabbage put into deep frying pan with oil and turn on little heat for stewing during an hour under cover, mixing periodically. I seldom add little water or mushrooms broth to cabbage in order not to pour too many oil.

Fry separately mushrooms and onion.


When the cabbage is ready, add boiled beans and mushrooms fried with onion and further stew on little fire under cover for 15-20 min.Add salt and pepper.You may add little sugar for better taste.The dish is served hot but I like cold as well, after it is left for a while.


Bon appetit!

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