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Kruwka (Cow) Cake

Бісквітний пляцок з кавовим суфле

This cake is one of my favorite that my mother-in-law bakes. Pastry of that type (I mean with cookies, caramelized milk and soufflé) is very popular in Poland, and we adopt our neighbors’ experience and expand the borders of Ukrainian cuisine :).

Actually, kruwka – this is how a cow called in Polish. In Ukrainian it sounds like “Korivka”. It is pastry both Ukrainian and Polish – a kind of cake, called pliacok.

This cake is a biscuit with hard sauce, two layers of cookie with caramelized milk between them and coffee soufflé topping. Perfect taste, original ingredients combination and a very delicious cake as a result.

It would be better to use crispy cookies for this cake: creamy cracker or something like that.

Бісквітний пляцок з кавовим суфле


8 eggs
240 g flour
200 g sugar
0.5 teaspoon baking powder

Hard sauce
1 packet sweet pudding
1.5 glass milk
300 g butter

Coffee so soufflé
2 table spoons gelatine
1.5 glass milk
1 teaspoon dry coffee extract
2 packets milk thickener (or a packet of cream for mixing with milk)
approximately 200 g cookies (it’s better to have crackers or some other hard cookie, Korivka for example)
1-1.5 jar caramelized milk


Biscuit Make biscuit of 8 eggs. Whisk the whites into a thick foam gradually adding sugar. Then add yolks and mix slightly with a spoon. After that carefully and gradually add sieved flour mixed with baking powder. A part of flour may be substituted with 1-2 table spoons of coconut flakes, as you like. Carefully stir with a spoon.

Put the dough into a form with baking paper at the bottom and bake for about 40 minutes at 180°-200°С. Cut the cooled biscuit into two pie shells.

Hard sauce. Prepare pudding according to instructions but with 1.5 glass of milk for it to be thicker. Put it into a dish and leave to cool off. Then make hard sauce of pudding mass and butter. To do that you should mix butter of room temperature adding to pudding mass by one spoon continuing to mix till the mass becomes unified. I recommend adding diverse essences, aromatics, and cognacs, as you like.

Compile the cake in the following way: biscuit lower part, half of the cream, biscuit upper part, the second half of cream. Then put the cookies layer on the top, after that caramelized milk layer and cookies. Put coffee soufflé onto cookies.

Soufflé. Dissolve gelatin in 100 g of water and when it swells warm it on the cooking stove. The mass should dissolve and not to boil. Cool gelatin to the room temperature.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of coffee in cold milk, add thickener and mix. You may use whipping cream with thickener instead of milk; I think, the effect will be the same but a bit heavier. When the mass is whisked, add the cooled off gelatin and mix for a little while. But only a bit, since the mass quickly jellies.

Almost right away put the soufflé onto top layer of cookies and make it even quickly. Even the cake sides with this foam or cream. Decorate the top with grated chocolate, Coconut flakes or other powder as you like.

Bon appetite with your cake :).

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