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Cheese Pie

Cheese pie with raisins - Ukrainian cuisine - Recipe of Ukrainian "Zapikanka"

There is an acurate term denoting the majority of things I do in my life, and that is (shame on me 🙁 ) procrastination. And what is the point I’m trying to drive home? The point is that this cheese pie recipe has been waiting for its moment of glory for a half of year. And this is today to be the key day for the photos taken in winter to get into the infinite network which we, common people, call Internet.

And to be serious and to the point, cheese pie is one of the simplest dishes made of cottage cheese (not taking sour cream cheese into account :)). It is extremely quick in preparing, like: put everything into a bowl, blend, pour into the form – and take it to the baking oven. Interested? – Go on reading the recipe with photos.


0.5 kg of cottage cheese
3 eggs
50 g (3 tbsp) of manna groats
100 g of sugar
pinch of salt
50 ml of milk
50 g of butter
raisins, dried pitted and halved apricot, etc. as you like


Blend the cottage cheese, pass through a sieve or through grinder. Add sugar and mix thoroughly. If you are using a blender, you may add sugar right away. Then add in turns eggs, a bit melted butter and milk to the cheese while mixing (or blending).

IMG_4547 IMG_4549

Add manna groats, mix and leave the cheese curd for half an hour for manna groats to absorb moisture. Add dry fruit, fruit or any other desired supplement. Smear the form with grease, scatter flour of manna grout and put cheese curd there.I always spread cooking sheet at the bottom.

Bake at 180⁰ (check with a toothpick) for approximately 40-50 min. If the top starts toasting  and the pie is not baked inside, cover it with baking paper or metalpaper. For the bottom not to burn it is recommended to put a form filled with water underneath.

Ukrainian Zapikanka or Cheese Pie Recipe - Ukrainian cuisine - Cooking blog Katrusia's Kitchen

It should be kept in mind that the more sugar you put, the darkest pie you will take out of the oven. I shall be honest with you, I love sweets. And I love crusts on this pie ))). Hope you’ll love them too ;). Bon appetit!


  1. Catherine

    What the heck is manna groats? Is this really Ukrainian????? What can I use as a substitute?

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